Google +1 Button

Google +1 Button

What is Google +1? Google +1 is Google’s version of the Facebook “like” button, a simple feature that’s very powerful because it’s part of a “social circle” (Social Network). If you ‘re familiar with Facebook’s like button then understanding the concept of Google +1 button should not be difficult. Google +1 is a new experimental […]


#SEOChat – PPC and SEO with Joanna Lord

Joanna Lord was the guest answering questions about PPC and SEO working together last night on #SEOChat. @joannalord is the Director of Customer Acquisition at @seomoz, a leading SEO software company out of Seattle, WA. She currently heads up SEOmoz?s paid search, affiliate, and acquisition marketing efforts. @joannalord is also a well-known social media enthusiast […]

SEOMention Project

SEO Philly Project

Welcome to SEOMention, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Philly Project. This platform was developed for experimenting with some of the more advanced theories in optimizing and getting websites ranked well for search engines like Google and Bing, to name a few. All testing will be 100% White Hat (ethical) SEO and will include On-Site and […]