#SEOChat – Farmer Update, EMDs, Linkbuilding

Last night’s weekly #SEOCHAT was an interesting one, they usually are, and the format was a little different with the participants asking questions, as opposed to the questions already pre-set.   Here were the following questions asked: Thoughts on the Google Farmer/Panda update. Did it affect you? Was it effective? How are link building and buying different? […]

SEO Grail Philadelphia Meetup

Event: February SEO Grail Philadelphia Meetup

Bill Rowland: I’m pleased to announce February’s SEO Grail Philadelphia Meetup! Hopefully after some difficult weather in the past months, everything will go according to plan. For February, we’ll be revisiting the topic from our derailed December Meetup of link building. “Everyone’s favorite topic,” link building is critical to the success of all types of […]