Google Twitter

Tweets In Google Search Results?

A major change to the way you search the web is about to unfold right there in your Google search results. The company is going to begin privileging content your friends have interacted with in its search results. In a lot of ways, this makes good sense. If one of your connections has shared a […]

Google Sitemap

Google Sitemap – Should you have one?

Google sitemaps have proven to be a very important component of each website available on the Web. Google sitemaps is a tool offered by Google, which allows you to submit a document that contains links to every page of your site called a sitemap. This document has to be either in .XML or in plain […]

Why is SEO so Important for your Blog

Why SEO is Important for your Blog

It used to be that if you mentioned the term search engine optimization, you’d just get a bunch of blank stares. Nobody knew what it meant or how to use it. However, SEO has grown increasingly prominent since when it first came on the scene, and now pretty much anyone who has posted content on […]