Facebook Alert

Facebook Alert: Miley Cyrus Scam Returns To Facebook

Don’t click on any wall posts that look like the one pictured below.

The link leads to a short web address such as http://cuetub.info/np/ showing a mock YouTube page promising a video that by now you should know doesn’t exist.

Click on the play icon, and a window pops up offering a menu of marketing surveys. The creator of this scamware earns a commission for every survey completed, meaning anyone who clicks through and fills out a questionnaire contributes to the scammer’s livelihood, and exposes that clicking individual to malware and possible privacy violations.

Whenever you see a posting on Facebook that looks like a scam, report it by communicating with the site’s security team, that you can find by licking here. Then check your own wall to make sure nothing fishy got posted there. Next, click on the security settings in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to make sure that no rogue applications have been installed in your account, and while you’re at it, delete apps you haven’t used within the last six months.

When was the last time you reported anything to Facebook’s security team?