Google Chrome Extension Blocks Sites From Search Results

google-chromeGoogle has a new extension for its Chrome browser that puts more control into the hands of its search engine’s users. It’s called Personal Blocklist, and it allows users to block certain domains from appearing in search results. While users will probably welcome the new tool with open arms, its presence may have some websites feeling uneasy, especially content farms.

Matt Cutts is credited with the creation of Personal Blocklist, which is currently available only for users of Google’s Chrome web browser. The extension is rather cut-and-dried in its form, except it comes with a bit of a twist. In addition to allowing users to block certain sites from appearing in their search results, actions performed by users will be sent to Google. For instance, if you block a site, that action will be relayed to Google. Google will then keep tabs on the site. If a certain pattern emerges that shows frequent blocking of the domain, Google could lower its search ranking.

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