How To Get Your Website Ranked #1 For Free: Part 1

It’s been less than two weeks now since I’ve registered my domain name ( and got my website up and running, and in that time, I’ve managed to sneak my way up to #1 on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Steven Britton SEO Ranked #1

Before setting up my site, the initial goal was to take the skills that I’ve acquired from online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) classes –I highly recommend JM Internet Group – and apply them to real-life, working examples. So, with that, what better time to start building my own Online Identity!

Getting started

The first thing to consider is – “what do I want to be known for online and in which category will I fall under?” For me, this was easy because I’ve been interested in, and programming for, the interwebs (one of George W. Bush’s best contributions) for a long time now and with Social Media being so important and SEO being the tool to pull it all together, SEO was the perfect category for me. Once you’ve identified this you can start thinking about how you can secure a great domain name that will be optimized for your category (i.e.;

Register Your Own Domain Name

I can’t stress this enough! If you’re not using your own domain name then you’re not giving your own Online Identity any credit. Using a free blog site like is nice because it’s free; however, you are only creating more links, indexed pages within search engines and ultimately more credibility for, not your Online Identity. Before registering for that domain name, you should think about some variations of your optimized domain since it’s possible that your first one on the list may not be available.


Now that you have your domain name figured out and it’s available, you should start thinking about what kind of website you want; this can be a challenge if you’re not a web developer, or so you think! With all of the great Content Management Systems (CMS) available now, a lot of web hosting companies will provide a CMS solution installed on web space for you; I know, this sounds expensive, but it’s actually not as bad as you think!  For me, I was looking more for a blogging tool with the option of having additional web pages, so I went with WordPress(great CMS with lots of options and easy to use).  Having a blog page as your home page is very beneficial as it encourages people and Google to come back to your website since there’s usually fresh content available.

Here are some details on what I have setup:

I used for my domain registration and for my web hosting with WordPress installed.


Domain registration: $2.17 (1 year)
Webhosting with WordPress installed: $47.88 (1 year)

Coming Soon

How To Get Your Online Identity Ranked For Free: Part 2 –Selecting your look and feel of your new website.

How To Get Your Online Identity Ranked For Free: Part 3 – Getting Social and getting ranked!

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