- SEO Black Hats: What should we do with them?

SEO Black Hats: What should we do with them?

This is a very interesting video that I stumbled upon in Youtube. The question is: “What should we do with the Black Hats?” Should we kick them out? Hate them? Love them? Give them a job?

2 thoughts on “SEO Black Hats: What should we do with them?

  1. The term black hat gives the idea of link cloaking, keyword stuffing in reality us black hatters do white hat seo method in an automated/ bulk way, we don’t manually create links, we use tools to build them in bulk. Black Hatters are more open to share what is working, i think white hat seo’s tend to kept their method closer to their chest where as black hatters share.

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  2. I watched this video after reading your related post and I was really surprised that some are praising BH. I agree with some of the speakers that we should learn from them and apply their techniques in the good way. I never thought there is something good with BH. Still I am with the WH. It may have some good effects but for me its techniques are not worth it in the long run.

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