#SEOChat – PPC and SEO with Joanna Lord

Joanna Lord was the guest answering questions about PPC and SEO working together last night on #SEOChat.

@joannalord is the Director of Customer Acquisition at @seomoz, a leading SEO software company out of Seattle, WA. She currently heads up SEOmoz?s paid search, affiliate, and acquisition marketing efforts. @joannalord is also a well-known social media enthusiast and frequent conference speaker. Her diverse experience in data analysis, PPC, SEO & content creation lets her provide tactical acquisition strategies that work.

Here were the following questions asked:

  1. How do the overall strategies for SEO and PPC differ?
  2. In your experience, are SEO & PPC complimentary or cannibalistic? Why?
  3. Should you use the same landing pages for PPC & SEO?
  4. What insights can you gain for SEO from PPC, and vice versa?
  5. Tell us how tracking PPC campaigns aligns/differs from SEO.

If you’re interested in the responses, please check out the #SEOChat transcript

Also, if you are interested in joining in on the conversation, check  www.searchmarketingweekly.com for the weekly schedule; it’s very interesting with a lot of SEO professionals  sharing information!

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